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Traveling has always been a way to escape the mundane and explore new places, but too often, what's experienced is not all it could be. You may find yourself booking the same room in a hotel chain and settling for attractions that don't quite satisfy your senses.

What if it could be an extraordinary experience that captures the essence of every destination, immerses you in its culture, and creates cherished memories for years to come? 

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what if travel was more than just a trip?

A Luxury Guide for Globetrotters

At The Flourishing Traveler, I specialize in crafting bespoke travel experiences for professionals who love to travel, but do not have the time to plan the type of travel experience they desire. 

Custom itineraries for romantic getaways, group travel, and milestone celebrations await you -- let's work together to plan the trip you deserve!

White glove planning for your pleasure!

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Presentation of proposal

You’ll receive a proposed itinerary based on our collaboration. Together we will work to make edits based on what best fits your vision.

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Once you have signed your client agreement and paid the trip design and management fee we will begin our research to curate the perfect trip for you.

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Tell us about your travel wishlist. We are listening to learn about what you love and don’t love. We are listening for what went well and not so well with your last vacation. Our goal is to learn more about your travel style.

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The Process

When it comes to planning your next adventure, timing is everything! As soon as the travel bug bites and you're serious about your trip, reaching out to a travel advisor is the way to go. Whether your travel plans are last minute or a year away, I've got you covered. The travel industry has seen a significant increase in travel costs over the last few years which has made it more necessary to begin planning and securing travel arrangements in advance. 

When is the best time to contact a travel advisor?

The personalized itinerary is totally customized to your interests, travel history, goals, and overall travel wishlist. I put together a super detailed itinerary just for you, with everything from accommodations and transportation to activities, dining options, and destination guides. It's all about having an amazing and hassle-free travel experience you won't forget!

A personalized itinerary? Tell me more about how this is designed.

Our trip design and management fee starts at $250. Customized travel design is based on the complexity of the trip, length of travel, destination, and number of travelers. Upon completion of our detailed travel planning meeting you will be provided with a custom quote and invoice.  

How much does it cost to work with The Flourishing Traveler?

It's super easy! Just schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and fill out your TRIP DESIGN REQUEST. During our chat, we will discuss your travel wishlist and overall vision. 

How do I get started with The Flourishing Traveler?

As a travel advisor, I am 100% committed to giving you a quality experience from beginning to end. Therefore, there are a few services that I do not offer.

Reward travel accommodations – If you are a hotel loyalty member, I will happily include your member reward number on the reservation. However, please note that I cannot arrange trips using hotel points or flight miles.
Flight-only requests – I would be happy to handle the reservation and management of your flights should you choose to purchase them as part of a comprehensive travel package.
Airbnb (or VRBO) requests – Although Airbnb has emerged as a convenient option for securing lodging accommodations, it lacks a mechanism to guarantee quality or ensure the host's adherence to the reservation.

Additionally, I do not offer travel planning for Disneyworld or Disneyland.

What is not part of your business model?

I wouldn't want you to be disappointed with your vacation because of accommodations chosen solely for the sake of a discount. As a travel advisor, I value quality and book primarily 4 or 5-star properties. After researching, I'll provide you with a carefully curated
travel itinerary that perfectly matches your wishlist. Although I don't go after "discounts," I'll make sure to give you a trip that's just right for you.

Will you be able to find travel deals?

We may be a great fit if:
● You view travel as a worthwhile investment  
● You are a busy professional short on time but still craving a vacation
● You love indulging in the luxuries of upscale accommodations
● You appreciate the value I bring as a travel advisor and you are comfortable compensating me for my time 
● You are committed to staying connected and responsive throughout the design process

What type of clients do you work with?

When you hire The Flourishing Traveler, LLC know that I will spend countless hours pouring into the necessary research. Then I will design of a trip that perfectly fits your travel style. The travel design fee begins at $250 per household and is a mutual agreement to service my clients wholeheartedly. 

In return for this fee, my clients receive my knowledge, expertise, industry contacts, the value of my time, and the comfort in knowing they have hired a travel professional who is fully committed to ensuring a memorable travel experience with the support of a team of people around the world.

Why is there a travel design fee?

Not at all! While I have explored many of the destinations requested by my clients, I must admit that I haven't visited them all. However, I'm fortunate to have incredible travel partners across the globe, with whom I can collaborate eagerly to craft an extraordinary and memorable trip. Let's embark on this adventure together!

Are your services limited to specific destinations?

Hiring a travel advisor to design your travel is no different than hiring a CPA to file your taxes, a housekeeper to maintain your home, or a gardener to maintain your lawn. It is about value, knowledge, expertise, service, and convenience.  

Protect your time --Engaging a travel advisor can be a valuable time-saving investment, sparing you from hours of conducting exhaustive research on your desired destinations.
Established Connections -- Through established connections and a network of partnerships spanning the entire globe I can provide you with comprehensive travel assistance both prior to and during your vacation.
Committed to You -- Hiring a travel advisor offers you a collaborative partnership with someone who genuinely cherishes your travel experience as much as you do.

I love distinguishing myself as a travel advisor, not just a travel agent. The word "agent" doesn't capture the incredible depth and quality of what I deliver for my clients. I specialize in crafting meticulously detailed travel experiences curated specifically to their desires and preferences.

Unlike the conventional "travel agent" stereotype, I don't deliver anything that you could secure through Priceline. Instead, I tap into my extensive network and unique relationships to offer my clients the most extraordinary experiences, remarkable amenities, and exceptional value. By truly listening to my clients and embracing collaboration throughout the planning process, I create tailor-made travel arrangements that are always a perfect fit. Let's embark on an unforgettable journey together!

Why should I hire a Travel Advisor?

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Happy Clients

"We took the trip! Thanks for planning a wonderful fall break vacay for our very busy family. Your professionalism and attention to detail was superb! We are looking forward to the next trip."

erica m.

"We just got back stateside. Thank you so much again! We had an incredible time. You made it so special. All the guides wished Jordan congratulations!! Such a nice touch."

lashelle r.

"I'd never worked with a travel agent before Bjana, but I'm so glad I made the decision to trust her with my 40th birthday plans to the Turks & Caicos Islands. From the start, Bjana was hands-on and patient with us, offering multiple options for the private villa we wanted and ultimately navigating us through the process to obtain and secure the perfect location--a dreamy and modern 5-bedroom villa with a private pool and steps away access to a private beach. I couldn't have asked for a greater first travel agent experience, and now I'm wondering why I'd been doing this on my own for so long lol."

Darby B.

"It had never dawned on me that I could relinquish control of my travel to someone else. I booked a consultation with Bjana.I chose her because she actually travels. She was professional and put me at ease. I am detail oriented and she handled ALL of my questions. Hubby and I truly enjoyed ourselves. We had an active, yet relaxing vacation that fit “our” personalities. Even more impressive, we had a post trip Zoom for improved customer satisfaction for future clients."

rhonda m.

Great time in San Diego thanks, in part, to Bjana!I didn’t have a lot of time but reached out to Bjana and told her our travel dates and the major spots we wanted to attend while there and she made magic happen! I had all the information and apps I needed for the trip to be a success. I would definitely recommend Bjana and plan to use her again for our travel needs.

stacy l.